Improve safety

Driving is dangerous. Each year there are more than 6,000,000 crashes in the US resulting in over 2,000,000 injuries. According to government figures, motor vehicle crashes cost our economy at least $240 billion a year.

The good news is that the majority of crashes are avoidable. Driver error accounts for 94% of all crashes. Most crashes happen in specific locations for specific reasons because drivers make similar mistakes under similar circumstances.

The WatchOut API helps your customers avoid crashes by providing you with detailed information on crash hotspots and the hazards that create them.

Alert drivers to hazards

Use our API to find nearby crash hotspots. Alert your customers to hazards such as sharp turns, slowing traffic, pedestrians, children playing, low clearance, or one of more than forty unique hazard types.

Hazard alerts can be integrated into vehicle infotainment systems, mobile apps, telematics hardware, and other existing location-aware technology.

Hazard information can also be used to postpone driver distractions such as text messages, notifications, and calls at critical moments.

Build safer navigation

Knowing where crashes are most likely to occur makes it possible to create routes for drivers that are not only fast, but also safe.

Data shows that for many of the most common trips a safer route can provide a 2-3x reduction in crash risk.

The safest route is a function of not only start and destination locations, but also time of day, season, traffic, and weather conditions. This dynamic behavior results in drivers using navigation more often, even for destinations they know well.

Enhance autonomous vehicles

Automatically take the safest route given the time of day, traffic, and weather conditions.

Prepare vehicle for expected hazards ahead such as pedestrians, cyclists, and deer.

Simulate and train at known hazard locations.

Test vehicles in the most hazardous areas before launching in a new region.

Reduce micromobility risk

Cycling in urban areas is roughly 10x more dangerous than driving. Motor vehicles are involved in 80% of crashes that cause the death of bicycle and e-scooter riders.

Use dedicated modes in our API to find crash hotspots involving cyclists and pedestrians.

Help micromobility customers stay safe by warning them as they approach hotspots.

Optimize insurance pricing

Two people can live in the same city and drive the same distance to work each day, but one of them may have a significantly more dangerous commute.

Optimize insurance prices based on actual routes traveled. Achieve accurate risk calculation for a trip factoring in the time of day it’s taken as well as traffic and weather conditions.

Suggest alternative safer routes to customers to reduce their risk and cost.

Provide hazard details

Our API returns dozens of interesting details for each hazard.

Find its type, its risk profile, how many crashes its caused, how many injuries, its daily traffic count, and much more.

Get the location of the hazard as well as one or more regions representing the alert area for the hazard. The alert area is calculated using custom algorithms factoring in road geometry, hazard type, speed limits, reaction time, and more.

Understand the effects of weather and traffic

Discover where weather conditions such as snow, fog, wind, and rain cause crashes.

Discover where traffic causes crashes.

Combine real-time weather and traffic information with data from the WatchOut API to create alerts and safe routes specific to current weather and traffic.

Create a more dynamic service

Hazards are highly variable. Their danger level changes based on the time of day, day of the week, and month of the year.

Use these changes to make your product more dynamic and more engaging to customers.

Use our API to get all hazards or only those that are dangerous now.


Cloud-hosted performance-optimized scalable service



  • Use rank to identify riskiest hotspots
  • Get all hotspots within a grid cell
  • Get currently active hotspots by distance and heading
  • Get currently active hotspots by road or road -type
  • Get detailed hazard data for a hotspot
  • Advanced filtering
  • More…

Note: Data can be made available for offline use upon request.


WatchOut crash hotspots come from analyzing…

All 50 states have basic support. For a full list of states with enhanced support see the FAQ. 


WatchOut crash hotspots come from analyzing…

All 50 states have basic support. For a full list of states with enhanced support see the FAQ.

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