Maya’s Math Frequently Asked Questions

Maya’s Math Frequently Asked Questions2018-07-27T21:09:26-07:00
What’s the story behind Maya’s Math?2018-07-30T16:27:29-07:00

Maya’s Math started as a side project with my 8 year old daughter Maya. I was tutoring a group of kids in math in Maya’s school and I found that they struggled with basic multiplication. This made it tougher for them to succeed with algebra and geometry and other areas that we were working through. Learning multiplication requires a lot of practice and the kids wanted something fun to practice with. I had recently started writing apps for Simpler Studios and Maya and I thought that it would be great to have a gaming app to practice multiplication. One day while on a long red-eye flight, I wrote the very first version of Maya’s Math. Maya and her classmates provided me with lots of design input as I iterated on the game. They loved using it and would tell me what they liked and what they didn’t. As summer approached the kids asked me if I could put it in the App Store so that they could play at home. I polished it up and put it in the store as a free app. Now it’s available to everyone. We at Simpler Studios hope that Maya’s Math will be useful to other parents and kids. Maya’s crushing her multiplication these days and personally I’ve gotten a lot faster at my arithmetic since I started using the app daily 🙂

Who did the voices in Maya’s Math?2018-07-28T06:21:51-07:00

My 8 year old daughter Maya did all the voice clips and all the sound effects in the app.

How do I make the bouncing balls fly around the screen?2018-07-28T06:21:34-07:00

Shake your phone or tablet once the bonus game has started. Shake again to stop.

How do I get to the secret “ding” mode?2018-07-28T06:23:53-07:00

You have to answer at least 22 questions, each in under 2 1/2 seconds to get to the “ding” mode. Once there, the faster you answer the more dings you’ll get. See if you can get the covetted “triple-ding”.

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