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Simpler Studios is a new Seattle area software company based in Kirkland, WA. Our mission is to empower drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians with information that will make them safer. Collisions happen in patterns. By analyzing and understanding these patterns we can discover collision hotspots, warn drivers when they enter high risk areas, and recommend safer routes. Want to learn more, contact us.

I grew up in a small-town in Louisiana and made my way to Cornell University where I graduated with a masters in Computer Science. I moved out to the west coast where I had an 18 year career working at Microsoft. I worked on everything from SharePoint team collaboration, to Office in the Cloud, to 3D mapping and data visualization, to AR/VR with HoloLens. I’m excited to be an agent of positive change in this world.
I am from the northeast and have a Computer Science degree from the University of Maryland. I have worked on a bevy of both established and new products at Microsoft. I have over 15 years of experience in software with expertise in security, development platform, networking, and OS interface technologies for both desktop and mobile.